Palomar College Beg. Music 100 Course Outline

Music 100 - Music Appreciation

Instructor: Arthur Golden
Office Hours: by appointment only
Voice Mail: 760-744-1150, Ext. 5501. E-mail:

Catalog Course Description: By the end of this course students will be familiar with the various styles and vocabulary of the Western European Music tradition. Students will learn to listen to music at an analytical level, identifying various fundamental aspects of the music including Rhythm, Melody, basic Harmony and Form. They will be familiar with the most important composers of each historical musical period and be able to identify features within the compositional styles of each composer. In addition, students will be able to apply listening skills learned in class while attending live concerts. Prerequisite(s): None

Appropriate Text and Supplies
1. "Music - An Appreciation", 7th edition - Kamien, R.
2. Set of CDs to accompany Kamien text
3.Pencils with dark lead. Absolutely no pens will be allowed on assignments and exams!!

Course Objectives
A. Compare and contrast the literature of music in its styles, forms, vocabulary and other aspects that contribute to a basic knowledge of the art.
B. Analyze different periods of music through listeneing.
C. Compare and contrast musical instruments, their sounds, and place in an ensemble.
D. Synthesize and identify through broad historical survey presented in class five or six composers representing each style period in music.
E. Apply principles to listening skills while attending a live concert.

Specific Content
A. Music Elements, Medieval music, & Renaissance music.
B. Baroque music.
C. Classical (Viennese) music.
D. Romantic music.
E. 20th Century music (pre & post 1950).

1. Reading Assignments - Regular reading assignments will be given at each class session. It is suggested that the student read the assigned pages before the class session.
2. Concert Reports - Students must attend and write a brief report on a minimum of 4 Live concerts. All concerts must fall within the musical styles discussed in the class (if in doubt, seek approval from the instructor). See attached "Concert Report Requirements" page.
3. In-Class Assignments - Announced / Unannounced in-class assignments may be given at any class session. These may include musical style identification or a written description of a musical recording/video.

1. Elements of Music, Medieval & Renaissance Music.
2. Baroque music.
3. Classical (Viennese) music.
4. Romantic music.
5. 20th century music (pre & post 1950).

Exam dates TBA except for the Final

All exams are Mandatory and may be made up only at the discretion of the instructor, but with the penalty of one letter grade. Failure to show for the final exam will result in a (F) for your class grade, regardless of your current grade status. Missing an exam, without a make up, will severly affect the final grade.

Method of Evaluation
Grades will be given based on a percentage of the total accumulated points for the semester. It is suggested that each student keep track of his/her accumulated points. The breakdown will be as follows:

  • A - 90 - 100% (of the total semester points given by the instructor)
  • B - 80 - 89%
  • C - 70 - 79%
  • D - 60 - 69%
  • F - 59% -

Note 1: in addition to assignments and exams, students will be graded on Class Participation. This includes such as: class attendance, completing In-Class assignments, answering questions, In-class listening, etc..

Attendance will be taken promptly at the beginning of each class session. If you miss a day due to sickness or other excused reason, it is your responsibility to continue progressing through the next section in the book. Three absentees will be allowed. After three absentees, each day missed will result in a reduction of a letter grade.

Note: Students are responsible for adding/dropping the class. The following are important dates to remember:

Music 100 - Concert Report Requirements

Number of Concert Reports reqired for semester: Minimum 4

Due Dates: TBA - concert reports will be accepted on or before the due date. None will be accepted after the due date.

Points allotted: Each concert report will be worth 25 points.

All concert reports must consist of the following requirements:
1. 2 pages minimum in Addition to title page, double-spaced typed - stapled.
2. Title page consisting of: Course title (Music 100), Concert Report No., Your name, date of concert, performance title (if any), name of performer/ensemble, and where the concert was performed.
3. Main body of the concert report should briefly describe the use of the main musical elements. Indicate the title(s) and composer(s) of the selections you have chosen to discuss. Indicate in which stylistic period the music belongs and Why.
4. Conclusion discussing how the concert affected you emotionally and/or psychologically.
5. Verification of concert attendance: Ticket stub AND program. Staple this verification to the front of the concert report. If, under special circumstances, no verification could be attained, please discuss this with me.

Types of musical genre accepted for concert reports:
1. Music performed from any of the main Stylistic Periods, which we discuss in class: Middle Age, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, pre 1950 20th century, and approved post 1950 music. At least one concert report must fall within these genres.
2.World music such as: African drum ensembles, Javanese Gamelans, European Folk music ensembles etc.
3. Jazz or Blues
4. American Folk music
5. Rock music (only on concert report can fall in this genre)

Note: In the case that you are unsure if the concert will be valid, please see me.

Note: Do Not take notes during concert!!!!
Cell Phone & Texting Policy!

Cell Phone use is Prohibited in ANY way during lectures! This includes Texting!

The 1st time a student is caught using his/her cell phone, they will receive a warning from the instructor.

The 2nd time a student is caught using his/her cell phone, they will be dismissed from the remaining of the lecture and will receive an "F" for the homework due that day.

The 3rd time a student is caught using his/her cell phone, they will be dismissed from the class for the remaining of the semester and will receive an "F" as their final grade.