Arthur Golden - Teaching Philosophy

I began teaching the guitar in 1985, focusing on classical guitar technique and it's repertoire. My training in this area came from my extensive study with Celin and Pepe Romero of the famous Los Romeros Guitar Quartet, which I would later receive a masters degree in guitar Performance from San Diego State University under their tutelage. Before my classical training I was a fingerstyle blues, ragtime, and contemporary style guitarist. My early influences were Stefan Grossman, Chet Atkins, Jerry Reed, John Renbourn, Mississippi John Hurt, and many others. Many of the performers and their styles shaped my own performance and later my teaching capabilities as I would combine my classical training with many different styles of music.

Fingerstyle guitar is a complicated art form and requires many years of study and discipline. I believe music reading is imperative and is heavily stressed in my teaching along with a strict understanding of proper guitar technique in the fingerstyle idiom. Classical guitar technique is my main focus to develop a student, which I believe will allow them to play any guitar style with more ease and confidence. I try to challenge my students by giving them music that is appropriate to their skill level. Practice is mandatory to achieve personal goals and the success I want for all my students. Along with the seriousness of teaching music, it is important to me to have a learning environment that is fun and enjoyable.

My personal strengths are patience, guidance and dedication to my student's progress. For twenty three years I have been teaching all levels from beginning guitar to advanced. Currently I am a Professor of Guitar studies at Palomar College in San Marcos, California, Bertrands Music and at my residence in Escondido, Ca.