Arthur Golden - Scholarships

In rememberance of Ryan Eric Suchil's passing February 26, 2005, I set up a guitar scholarship in his name to a deserving private student.

He was a loyal friend, a talented and knowledge-hungry student of guitar and a dedicated and cheerful teacher of the same. He was a student of mine for 4 years. One of my most gifted students ever.

Ryan was a kind and gentle spirit. He was full of optimism and excitement for his future and conveyed that to everyone he met. He was happy and he brought happiness to others. Though his life was much too short, he filled those 20 years with a love, enthusiasm and joy for it that some never find in 100 years of searching.

"There are angels that walk upon the earth and angels that fly in the heavens. Ryan is both."

Past Scholarship recipients are:

Sean Keels
Joaquin Willis
Niki Hernandez
Adrian Lamb
Rachel Trumbore
Tony Russo